Saturday, June 18, 2011

YMads Proof of Payments

This will be the official page for YMads proof of payment. I haven't received my payment from YMads yet but I will surely update this page at the end of the month. If you don't know what YMads is, you better read my post about YMads or click the banner below to register your free account!

YMads scam or not?

I saw YMads in a web forum and I was amazed with the outcome of this system to blog owners or publishers because they are earning a good amount of money using this money making program. It is like adsense where you have to put YMads' on your website or blog and watch the money come to your paypal account.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Tone A Day Proof of Payment ($23.62)

I know that this is gonna happen and that day is today! Tone-a-Day paid me for the first time! I joined Tone-a-Day or TAD for short last January and this is my payment for the month of February since I was not that active last January.

TAD is a website where you can earn real money just by rating some phrases like what would you feel if someone told you "You stinks!". Would you be Happy? Elated? Angry? After deciding what you feel after reading the phrase, then rate it! Each phrase is worth 2 cents so you have to rate as much as you can.

tone a day proof of payment 2011
Tone A Day Proof of Payment ($23.62)
This is just the beginning of my career in Tone-a-Day and expect more updates regarding my upcoming payments from Tone a Day. If you are not a member yet of this awesome site, go to www. and get started today!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

CMFads Proof of Payment ($5.65)

Another legit and promising site paid me for the first time. I decided to make my account on CMFads last January 2011 and a lot of advertisers saw the potential on my two blogs so they advertised on my blogs and here is the payment from CMFads.

CMFads is just like Adgitize where you register for free then click spikes to earn extra money and if someone saw a potential on your blog, they would advertise their blog on yours for a month. This could bring you extra bucks in the end.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Neobux Proof of Payment ($4.04)

Neobux paid me again! Neobux is a paid to click website where you have to click 4 advertisements and stay on that tab for like 30 seconds and after that, you will get paid. You will get $0.02 cents for every advertisement you click. Minimum cashout is now $4.00.
Payment from Neobux ($4.04)
If you want to earn money like I do, create your free account on Neobux and earn money as early as NOW! Go to and get started! Leave a comment if you have some queries.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Adgitize Payment ($26.33)

This is my 4th payment from adgitize and it's getting bigger and bigger. If you are a blogger like me who wants real traffic and money-back advertising program, you might want to try Adgitize.

Adgitize Proof of Payment ($26.33)
More proof of payments soon. Gotta do some homework now. :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

EMO Adventure continues!

Hello Readers! Sorry for not updating this blog for months. The reason behind this is because of my busy schedule at school. I became so active and joined 4 organization at a time.

I am still earning money every month but I admit that they are a bit smaller than before. I will post all of my proof of payments on this blog again because my EMO adventure continues! (Earning Money Online)